Round 1- All players will be grouped in pools for preliminary play. Unless a pool has an odd number of players, the top half finishers per pool will advance to the next round. E.g. Pool of 8 players will advance 4 players, and pool of 7 will advance 3 players. Thus, the odd pool will advance 1 less player to the next round. Play format is Round robin 2 games. Each leg won scores 1 point. Loser gets 0.

Round 2- Two pools shall be determined after the preliminary pool play. Top 4 players in each pool will advance to the elimination playoffs. Play format is Round robin 2 games. Each leg won scores 1 point. Loser gets 0.

Elimination playoffs- players from pool A will be paired against players from pool B. E.g. Winner A plays #4 from pool B. #2 pool A plays #3 pool B. Best of 3 games, except finals which shall be best of 5 games.


Black goes 1st —Toss coin, or mutually agree who should take Black. Control the pieces you have jumped. Alternate start is automatic.

Touch and go—except if you have a jump—in which case your move will be reversed to allow you to jump. Tip: do not touch piece unless you are sure of the move.

All jumps are forced in checkers, including jumps capturing more than one piece though if more than one jump is possible a player may choose which jump to take.

The “flying kings” rule is not allowed. This is standard checkers. If a player promotes a man to a king by way of a jump into kings row, the turn ends as soon as the man is kinged, though the king must continue jumping the next turn if a legal jump is available.

Delay of game—opponent shall warn the other player 2 times for delay of game then a timer will be used. Each player will have 59 seconds to make any move after the two warnings. The rule will apply to both players regardless of who caused the delay.

Draw rule, a draw is declared if both Checkers opponents mutually agree at any point during the play to such a conclusion of the game.

Draw rule, a draw is declared if a Checkers player can show that his next move would also create the same position for the fourth time during the game.

A win is achieved when a Checkers player makes the last move by either capturing all of the opposing player’s Checkers or by blocking the opposing player so that he/she is unable to make any legal moves during his/her turn.

Win the game rule, a win is also achieved if an opponent resigns anywhere throughout the Checkers game or forfeits the game by violating any of the Checkers rules.

During a game, a DSO official has discretion to intervene at any stage of the game to enforce the game rules. DSO may disqualify a player not conforming with the game rules above. These rules have been designed to afford a fair or level playing field for all players.

The spirit of the tournament is to have fun. So have fun and good luck!